How to Sell 2022-09-25

What can you sell on GTOOP? 

Open you shop on line Gtoop, Fix your price for your sale and delivery your cusomer yourself.

You can sell both virtual and physical products on GTOOP. For example, you can sell in-game gold, or headsets and keyboards.

How can I start selling?

Registration is extremely simple. After you register(UPLOAD ID Optional) , you are free to begin listing items for sale. If your product is purchased, we will notify you by Skype, Mail, Discord or Telephone.

How to Register and modify your Shop?

1, Clic the button (Inscription) on the top right of the homepage

2, Enter your email and password for register

3, Clic the button (devenir vendeur) on the top right of the  current page

4, Fill in your information (UPLOAD ID Optional) and clic the button(soumettre) to the next page.

5, Clic the button( devenir vendeur) on the top right of the current page.

6 ,Clic the button(Vendre vos...) on the top left of the  current page.

7, Start to sell your product in gtoop.

8, Clic the button (Retirer)for remove your sale. (Please note: The gold,item,account can be only listed ONCE in the SAME game server by the SAME supplier. You can clic the button "Relist" for relist your product that you have removed before. )

Button function

1, Commande...( Orders placed in your shop, you should deliver the order "Payé"  status)

2, liste des...(list of your product)

3,You can change the unit price of your product and clic the button (modifier) for change the stock quantity  in the "liste de vente". The "removed" button for delete this sale.

4,Mon compte( your balance account) 

5, Compte de retrait(Your withdrawal information)

6, Registre de..( Your Withdrawal history)

How do I get paid?

1,Payments from your sales will be deposited directly to your Paypal,Skrill, or your cryptocurrency wallet. 

2, When you delivered the product, UPLOAD screenshot of the trade. The customer will confirm the delivery of this order, you can get your balance in your GTOOP account.The delivery order will be changed to confirmed status after 24h if the customer forget confirm and there haven't the disputes in the trade. and then you can get your balance in your GTOOP account. 

3. When you ask for the withdraw, we will send the payment in 24h. If you request Cryptocurrency payment. We convert EURO to Cryptocurrency(the current rate on google)and pay you by Cryptocurrency.

What are the fees?

Transaction Fees: 15% to 22%, you can find the fees when you listing the product.

How does Gtoop protect sellers?

Our sellers are guaranteed 100% protection against payment fraud and chargebacks. In addition, our dispute resolution process will help you resolve any issues that you have with buyers.

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